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Are you unsatisfied with your body? Do you often feel weak and lacking energy? Would you like to be more confident? Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you lack the motivation or time to change something when it really matters? Do you feel alone or overwhelmed? If these thoughts sound familiar, I'm happy to be there for you and help you become the best version of yourself!

Booty Building

Do you want to have a round, firm butt?

Would you like a BBL, but would you like the healthy, natural and strong version?

Do you want to have feminine curves and a snatched waist?

You dream of a “juicy booty”?​

I got you!

Personal Training

Do you have difficulty motivating yourself and following through with your training plan?

Are you unsure whether you are doing the exercises correctly?

Can't judge whether you're really training effectively?

nutrition guide

Do you want to lose body fat and/or build muscle? Proper nutrition is a complex topic and is crucial for achieving both sporting and aesthetic goals. Together we analyze your eating habits and adapt your diet to your goals.

workout plan

Are you highly motivated to train and the only thing you're missing is the perfect training plan?

I will create an individual training plan for you, according to your goals and physical requirements.

Pre- & Post-natal training

Are you going to be a mom soon or have you just become one?


Do you want to be physically active despite your pregnancy or do you want to support your body as best as possible in its recovery after birth so that you can have your dream figure as quickly as possible?


A flexible body is less susceptible to injury and pain. There are many reasons to integrate regular stretching sessions into your everyday life and training routine. If you haven't done it yet, let's get started now!

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